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Thank you for checking out my webpage about three things that are special to me, ringtails (Bassariscus astutus), bats (the mammals, not the wooden kind), and Belize (the wonderful country in Central America). If you are looking for information into the various trips I lead, be sure to check out the “TRAVELS” tab – in particular, the Belize 2016 trip information has just gone up…. The website continues to evolve so be sure to come back as I get more content put up.  So, stay tuned…. – Dave

Ringtail at the Sutter Buttes, California.

Ringtail photographed in the Sutter Buttes, California.

Honduran White Bat 3

Honduran White Bat (Ectophylla alba) at Sarapiqui, Costa Rica.

Xunantunich - Near San Ignacio, Belize.

Xunantunich – Near San Ignacio, Belize.